We chose to use “hummingbird” in our company name because hummingbirds possess the same characteristics as our company and our technology. A hummingbird is the smallest of the birds. Hummingbird Nano deals with manufacturing products smaller than the human eye can see. Like the hummingbird, we do this with speed but also with incredible precision and accuracy.

We are a company on the leading edge of precision micro and nano-scale manufacturing. We provide solutions for ultra-precision engineering projects and provide you with capabilities unachievable until now. Our technologies provide state-of-the-art production and assembly of micro-scale components into macro-scale systems with nanometer scale precision. Hummingbird Nano, Inc. is a privately held, private and publicly funded, high technology company in Lexington, Kentucky. We are located at the center of innovation at the University of Kentucky's Coldstream Research Campus.

Principal business activities include design and development of ultra precision micro and nano-scale products and associated manufacturing processes. We set ourselves apart from the competition with our ability to manufacture these ultra precision products at high speeds and large volumes. Our markets include medical devices, telecommunications, and aerospace. The nature of our business and clients prohibit us from sharing detailed information about our products and technologies due to non-disclosure agreements and concerns of customer confidentiality. We have formal procedures in place to assure that our clients’ intellectual property and confidential information is protected and safe. We accomplish this through intelligent management of client information via sandboxing and hiring people that are highly qualified experts in their field, but more importantly posses great integrity. Every Hummingbird Nano employee is extensively briefed on intellectual property and trade secret law.

Let us provide the solutions you need to your ultra-precision and micro-scale engineering problems and provide you with capabilities heretofore unachievable. We would be pleased to discuss these with you anytime.

Hummingbird Nano, Inc.
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Lexington, Kentucky 40511
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