Commercial Quality with Commercial Volume

Who needs tooling? Not us.
We got rid of weak printing and parting lines too.
Uniform strength and properties in X,Y and Z directions.
From prototype to high volume production quantities.

Our technology sparks the ability to create new products that can't be made using current state of the art methods. We also make today's high priced products more affordable, so that they become more commonplace, spur innovation and give back to society. Hummingbird Nano's technology is revolutionizing how specific products are manufactured for end use. Initial applications are focused on small parts such as microfluidic chips and micro-optics.


Easy to customize. Reduce your connectors, expand your geometries.


Freeform, optical grade surface roughness

Speed and Volume

Rapid prototyping to Mass manufacture.


Micro-sized with nano precision.

Primary Applications

Microfluidic Chips
Micro Heat Transfer Systems

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