Everything that you knew about microfluidic chip making has just changed. With its revolutionary Configurable Liquid Manufacturing method, Hummingbird Nano manufactures microfluidics with no layers and no parting lines, just a solid form chip. This enables Hummingbird Nano to manufacture microfluidic chips that are not feasible using current state of the art manufacturing methods. There is no expensive hard mold tooling. The method is fast and affordable, allowing us to use the same technology for everything from prototype to mass production runs.


As a company we have several core philosophies, one of which is lifting up and embracing ideas and innovation to help healthcare, agriculture and biological endeavors. We always want to continue to push forward our technology to new and as yet unimagined reaches, and we are always looking for partners and collaborators with whom we can achieve true innovation.

Hummingbird Nano is proud to be collaborating with these innovative partners:


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